Rewritable Notepads

Dry Erase Board Big - Do What you Love Handy Planner

Rs. 850.00

What a great way to organise your daily tasks, to do list and weekly schedules. This Whiteboard has three sections for your urgent tasks, notes and a to do list. Apart from that it has a special box for each day of the week. Just write down your list, erase them when done and write again.

The dry erase board has a pretty chalkart artwork with a message to inspire you... 'Do What You Love'. It also has a matching pen with an eraser tip, and is re-fillable. With a pen holder on the board this is a complete set by itself. There are 2 metal rings. So it can be tied with a string and hung on the wall or put it up straight onto a nail. 


Size:  42x27 cm