Calm : Calm the Mind Change the World

Rs. 499.00

Calm : Calm the mind change the world, a creative book cum journal by Michael Acton, also the creator of the well know iphone app Calm. Apps are great and convenient, making life easier in this fast paced world we all live in. When it comes to talking to the mindful soul recording our thoughts and ideas on paper bring us much needed clarity and we also get a place to go to when the tide in our day gets rough.

All the tranquility, peace and those moments of calm we seek on the outside actually lies in our hands, in our minds. This book is packed with simple tools to apply into our daily lives and to help nurture and expand those moments of calm through creative activities, motivational quotes and not just that it is full of colourful inspiration. 

Micheal's book is a simple and fun investment into your life. Divided into eight areas that pertain to our everyday lives; Nature, Work, Creativity, Children, Travel, Relationships, Food, and Sleep, it aims to help you act with mindfulness.