Barnyard Animal Shaped Notebook

Rs. 570.00

Adorable, cutesy and irresistible animal shaped notebooks. Each little notebook is cut to shape and are super fun to use. You have four options to choose from. We've got for you Oscar the Dog, Edmund the Ele, Felix the Cat and Roger Rabbit. They have the same print on the front and back. Plain white pages held together with a swivel makes it fun to use while opening and closing. So draw, doodle, write and mainly have fun!  No of Pages 116/ 58 Leaves.

Designed and Made in India.

  • Oscar the Dog: H 4.5 x W 4.75 inches
  • Edmumd the Elephant: H 5 x W 4.3 inches
  • Felix the Cat: H 3.25 x W 5 inches
  • Roger Rabbit: H 5 x W 3.6 inches


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