One Minute Journal

Rs. 850.00

Designed with an innovative format for journalers old and new, One Minute Journal is a guided journal that includes a removable sand timer and captures how quick, easy, and effective journaling can be. Even the busiest folks can take one minute to reflect on, distract from, or kickstart their day by letting words flow for 60 seconds.

Do you ever wish you could commit to mindful journaling but don't have time? Not a minute to spare? Get real! One minute journal is here to save busy folks and everyday journals alike with an innovative concept that encourages writers to journal for 60 seconds a day. Complete with hundreds of thoughtful prompts and a small Hourglass, (how cute is that!!!)  just flip over the timer and write until time is up. Prompts include reflections, list-making, drawing, and brain teasers. So now tell us, Do You have a minute? Yes! Turn the page, turn over your timer, and begin!. Beautiful gift for yourself and friends.